Claim Process

IAMAW/AC – Employee & Family Assistance Program/Claim Secure Counselling Reimbursement Plan

The IAMAW/AC-EFAP Counselling Reimbursement Plan is for you and your family.

It has always been with the Employee & Family Assistance Program’s mission to deal compassionately with our members and their families. Transportation District 140, along with your IAMAW Local Lodges, are here to provide assistance should you require outside help to resolve personal, family or work-related problems. The Counselling Reimbursement Plan plays a major role in providing financial assistance to our members and families when addressing these issues.

Total Counselling coverage breakdown

Individual Plan coverage:
Air Canada $500.00 plus IAM fund $750.00.
Totals  $1250.00

Family Plan coverage:
Air Canada $500.00 per family member up to $1000.00 per family plus IAM fund $1500.00.
Totals $1250.00 if used for one family member, or $2500.00 for the entire family.    

Under the Air Canada Supplementary Health Program (Claim Secure), you are eligible for reimbursement of 50% of fees per visit up to a maximum of $500.00 per person or $1,000.00 per family per calendar year for counselling services (please see criteria below).
Under the IAMAW/AC–EFAP Counselling Reimbursement Plan, your family is eligible for reimbursement of the remaining balance of fees per visit at 100%, up to a maximum of $750.00 (individual plan) or $1,500.00 (family plan) per calendar year, for the services of a qualified provider.

Connecting to a counsellor/community service

Important: In order to be qualified for reimbursement for counselling, the provider must be licensed and a member in good standing with an approved association and must be one of the following:

  • Registered Psychologist
  • RSW (Registered Social Worker)
  • RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) – in BC

Those who wish to seek counselling on their own, without going through the EFAP Program, may do so, but must ensure the service provider meets the qualifications as listed above. Others, may contact your EFAP Coordinator in your area, who will be glad to provide an appropriate resource/counsellor from an approved EAP service provider database.

Procedure for submitting a claim for reimbursement:

1. Pay for the service up front and request a receipt. Verify that each receipt includes:
a. The patient’s name;
b. The name of the service provider;
c. The date when the service was rendered;
d. A description of the service;
e. The amount charged.
f. The counsellor’s accreditation as well as his/her registration number, if applicable.

2. As the insurance coverage is two separate certificates (Air Canada and IAMAW)
you will be required to submit two forms for each request for reimbursement:

a. One form for reimbursement under the AC supplementary Health Plan:
Claim Secure Health Claim Form Expenses: Other than Drugs
b. The other form for reimbursement from the IAM/AC-EAP Plan:
Confidential Statement of Claim Form – EFAP009

You can also access the forms either from an EAP Representative, the Shop Committee(s), Claim Secure or from any of the Local Lodge websites.

3. After completing each form, attach the original receipt to the Claim Secure form and a copy of the receipt to the EFAP009 form. Enclose both forms together either in the special pre-addressed light blue coloured envelope (ACF851N) available at your workplace and sending via company mail, or in your own envelope by Canada Post to:

Air Canada/ClaimSecure Inc.
PO Box 7878, Sudbury, ON
P3E 0A9

Claim Secure: How do I Register?
Claim Secure -Registration eProfile (pdf)

As an alternative, you may wish to use ClaimSecure’s eClaim service via the Aeronet/MyHR/ClaimSecure/eProfile/”My Claims” tab.

4. Your reimbursement will be in two separate payments: the Air Canada Benefits portion will be by direct deposit (if previously setup) or by cheque. The IAM claim portion is returned to you by cheque only, so please insure that ClaimSecure has an updated mailing address at all times.